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Contact Lens Selection

In order to select the proper contact lenses and preserve eye health, We advise the following:

  1. Assessment must be carried out by qualified eye care professional, either Optometrists, contact lens opticians or ophthalmologist:

The optometrist will measurement the corneal curvature and the degree of myopia, hypermetropia of astigmatism.
They will also check the fit of the lenses, contact lenses that are too tight will trigger corneal oedema(swelling of the cornea), and skin damage (Technically the epithelial which is the upper layer of the cornea) this can get scratched and infected. While if the lens is too loose they will will move, irritate the eye leading to foreign body sensation and generally reduce the clarity of vision. We always advise get your initial fit done professionally by an optometrist.

2. Not all lenses are created equal, its important to view your working habits.

There are so Many contact lenses in the market, which one is right for you depend on your lifestyle, (work, social, age and budget). This is where the optometrist will get an idea of your lifestyle and along with your prescription decide on the best lens option for you. The suggestions may range from daily to monthly, single vision to multifocal and hydrogel to silicon lenses.

  1. Is lens material important?

As mentioned the optometrist will assist you and perform a detailed assessment to figure out the appropriate types of contact lenses.

The main consideration is the lens material, as lots of people can get dry eye problems, high water or silicon hydrogel lenses would be the best options. Why these materials are the best. High water content lenses ¡ À contact lenses experts described that the high water material in water, in order to maintain wetness material, surface area water will absorb the eyeball, causing major water shortage in eyes.

3. Lens maintenance

Contact lenses get blamed for some very serious sight threatening conditions, but most of these issue arise from bad lens hygiene.
a) Always wash your hands before you touch your lenses whether to put them in or take them out.

b) if the lenses feel uncomfortable take them out rinse with saline and put back in. Never compromise on the comfort of the lenses. If they do not feel right chances are they are not right.

c) If wearing monthly lenses, make sure you replace your case monthly and wash / rinse / air dry after every use.

d) Never wear contact lenses longer then what they are prescribed for, daily lenses were for 1 day and throw away, monthly lenses wear for 30 day and throw away (even if you only have worned them for a few days of the month)

e) Make sure you have regular check ups with the optometrist, even if you do not feel anything is wrong.

4. Rigid excellent or soft-good?

From the point of view of optometrist , hard of rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses better correct astigmatism and myopia, especially a high degree of astigmatism and irregular astigmatism people and also allow a lot more oxygen to the cornea. The main reason why RGP contact lenses are not very popular is because of foreign body sensations, so the public acceptance is low.

Soft contact lenses or as discussed the high water content lenses, provide better comfort than the RGP lenses. The original soft contact lenses did not allow too much oxygen to the cornea but with the advent to hydrogel and silicon hydrogel lenses this has been over come. In a nut shell they are more comfortable and you are less likely to experience foreign body sensations.


Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses and laser surgery. When fitted correctly, with the right selection of lenses, there is no reason why you can’t wear contact lenses for a lifetime. The success boils down to the individual mind set and hygiene habits, making sure the hands and cases are clean, making to realise when something is not right and by having regular check.

Here at Lais opticians we provide full contact lens checks and aftercares. As we are independent can supply any lenses that are available on the market. We make the lenses fit our patients and not the patients fit the lens.

If you would like to book in for a contact lens check or just have a chat. Call 02084781631 or pop into store.

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