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Contact Lenses: Do’s and Don’ts

Contact lenses offer the convenience of clear vision without the need for traditional eyeglasses. They have become a popular choice for many, but using contact lenses comes with responsibilities and guidelines to ensure eye health and comfort. In this guide, we'll explore the essential do's and don'ts of wearing contact lenses.  

The Do's 

Hygiene First: Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your contact lenses. This minimizes the risk of transferring dirt, oil, or bacteria to your eyes. 
Regular Cleaning: Follow your eye care professional's recommended cleaning routine. Clean and disinfect your lenses using the prescribed solution to remove debris and microbes. 
Replace as Instructed: Adhere to the recommended replacement schedule for your contact lenses. This can vary from daily disposable to monthly lenses. Using lenses beyond their intended duration can lead to discomfort and potential eye issues. 
Keep Lenses Moist: If your eyes tend to dry out, consider using lubricating eye drops specifically formulated for contact lenses. This helps maintain comfort throughout the day. 
Follow the Schedule: Wear your lenses for the designated amount of time each day. Avoid wearing them longer than recommended, as this can strain your eyes and increase the risk of infections. 
Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep your eyes hydrated. Hydration plays a crucial role in maintaining eye health and comfort, especially when wearing contact lenses. 

The Don'ts   

Don't Sleep in Lenses: Unless your eye care professional advises otherwise, do not sleep in your contact lenses. Extended wear increases the risk of complications, including infections and corneal ulcers. 
Avoid Water Contacts: Never wear contact lenses while swimming or in hot tubs. Water exposes your eyes to various microorganisms that can lead to infections. 
Skip Homemade Solutions: Avoid using homemade solutions or water to clean your lenses. These can introduce harmful bacteria to your eyes. 
No Sharing: Never share your contact lenses with others. Each person's eyes have unique prescriptions and needs, and sharing lenses can lead to eye discomfort and infections. 
Say No to Expired Lenses: Do not use lenses that have passed their expiration date. Expired lenses can become less effective and may not provide the correct vision correction. 
Limit Cosmetic Lenses: If you use cosmetic or coloured contact lenses, follow the same hygiene and replacement guidelines as prescribed lenses. Incorrect use of cosmetic lenses can harm your eyes. 
Avoid Irritating Environments: In dusty or smoky environments, consider wearing protective eyewear or glasses instead of contact lenses. Irritants can get trapped under the lenses and cause discomfort. 
By following these do's and don'ts, you can ensure a comfortable and safe experience while wearing contact lenses. Regular check-ups with your eye care professional are essential to monitor your eye health and address any concerns. Remember, proper care and responsible use of contact lenses are key to maintaining healthy eyes and clear vision. 

For any further queries, please be sure to contact your local eyecare professional 

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