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DO’S and DON’TS of Glasses Care and Maintenance

DO use a glasses case for when you are not wearing them

We’ve all done it. Chuck the glasses on the desk or the bed when not needed. Or into the purse or the jacket pocket. But it just takes a split second and a small impact can damage or break the glasses so better to take a second and pop them into the case for protection. 

 DON’T use your shirt/handkerchief/kitchen towel/cuddly toy etc for cleaning the lenses

Ever wonder where those tiny little scratches on your lenses have come from? Well, that time you used your tie to wipe your lenses may have done it.  

 DO take the glasses off your face with 2 hands

This is a pretty important one but often overlooked. The reason we say this, is because using one hand to whip off the glasses stretches the frame. Over time, the glasses wont only be loose, but most probably sit wonky on the face too. 

 DON’T put your glasses up on your head

Similar to the previous one, glasses become stretched and loosened when going on the head so try not to do it. 

 DO clean them with lens spray and microfibre cloth

This is the best way to eliminate any oily residue on the lenses and keep them as clear as possible. 

 DON’T leave them in direct sunlight

Extreme heat can cause coatings on the lens to fail and crack so keep the glasses away from the dashboard of your car in the summer. 

 DO have them tightened regularly

Like many items, regular servicing is usually a good thing. Drop your glasses into your local opticians to have screws tightened, frames re-shaped, nosepads changed or even lenses cleaned. They can often feel like new again. 

 DON’T put them face-down on surfaces

You will scratch the lenses. And the scratches will usually be right in the middle of the know…the bit you look out of.  Don’t do it! 

DO have a second pair of glasses as back-up

Having more than 1 pair can help in a jam if your main pair has to be side-lined for whatever reason. We encounter patients with broken/damaged/lost glasses on an almost daily basis. 

DON’T wear glasses within ‘grabbing range’ of a baby

Babies love glasses. Babies are surprisingly strong. Don’t test them. 

DO avoid footballs/other airborne objects to the face

Glasses are not indestructible. A Beckham-esque freekick to face can easily snap your specs. 
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