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Which Frame Shape For Which Face Shape?

Many of us have been there before. 
Out with a partner, friend or family member while they try on the first of a hundred pairs of glasses, when they turn to you and ask that age-old conundrum… 
’Which shape do you think suits me?’ 
Well keep reading and hopefully we can instil some valuable knowledge in you that can be imparted the next time this question is thrust your way! 
However, always remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these general rules are not set in stone. Always wear what you are comfortable in. 

Oblong Face Shape

These faces are long and narrow, usually the length is about one and a half times the width. Considered the most desirable face shape. 
Suitable frame shapes – Square/rectangular frames, wider than cheekbones, low bridge to shorten nose. 

Diamond Face Shape

These faces have cheekbones which are wider than their foreheads and jaw. The jaw is narrow and usually is pointed. 
Suitable frame shapes – Top heavy frame, brow emphasis, softer shape can handle overly defined features. 

Square Face Shape

The width of forehead is similar to the width of cheekbones and top of jaw-line. The mandible protrudes and ‘frame’ the face. 
Suitable frame shapes – Softer rounder shapes with thinner rims, top heavy to add dimension. 

Heart Face Shape

These faces have a wide forehead and temples. The cheekbones will be not very prominent and slightly narrower than the forehead. The jaw will taper in, not pointy, more rounded. 
Suitable frame shapes – Aviator, oval and rounder shapes look good.  

Triangle Face Shape

These faces have a wide forehead, narrower cheekbones and jaw that is narrower still. The chin will usually be pointed. 
Suitable frame shapes – Extra width can balance the jawline, a softer frame can complement an angular jawline. 

Oval Face Shape

These faces have a high forehead which is a little narrower than the cheekbones and a jawline which curves in gently. Normally very balanced faces with no prominent features. 
Suitable frame shapes – Top heavy frame add dimension however most frame shapes suit these faces. 

Round Face Shape

These faces have a similar width and height, with rounded jaw and forehead. The sides of the face curve outward slightly.  
Suitable frame shapes – Squarer and rectangular frame shapes especially with angular features 


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