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Why you need 2 pairs of glasses...or more!

As seasoned (meaning old) optics professionals, we frequently come across patients who would greatly benefit from having an extra pair of glasses for a whole host of reasons. 
Here we can dive into a few of what those reasons are. See if you can relate to one! 

The Back-Up Pair 

Accidents happen.  
That split second where mindfulness leaves you and you sit on your glasses. Or you fall asleep reading in bed and wake up to a pair of glasses in a pair of pieces. Or the train doors close and you look in the window from the platform and see you glasses on the table on its way to Southend-On-Sea. 
Just having a pair of glasses that can be used as a direct replacement for your main pair is massively advisable and gives you that bit of peace of mind. It doesn’t have to be an expensive designer, just something to keep you going for a while. 

The Driving Pair 

For many of us, we spend a lot of time behind the wheel, whether for business or pleasure. And as we know, British weather can throw a variety of seasons at us all in a short space of time, at any time of the day. 
Having a dedicated pair of glasses for driving that is kept in the car with lenses that can cut through glare and dazzling lights in low-light conditions is very handy.  
Special driving lenses are also available which improve clarity, offer wider fields of view and enhance contrast for a far superior experience.  

The Gaming/Computer Pair 

Times have changed. Over the past 4 decades, we have gone from a population who watched a bit of ‘telly, to spending hours and hours switching from screen to screen. A veteran gamer or IT tech specialist can spend 8 hours and more on their computer on a daily basis. This all adds up to a lot of strain on the eye. 
A pair of glasses with Blue Light Filters can help sooth the strain and minimise the damage from screen usage. 

The Work Pair 

Work for many of us can be in an abrasive environment, whether from dust, chemicals or weather. Even if the environment is mild, work may be a place where you do not have time to look after you glasses and they are treated haphazardly. 
A pair of specs that is robust and durable, solely for use at work could be the answer. And if you do work in a place where there could be flying debris, think of getting some polycarbonate lenses which are shatter-proof. 

The Special Occasion Pair 

Just like that pair of shoes that only gets taken out of the cupboard for a wedding, a statement pair of glasses could accompany it. Especially if your main pair of glasses gets put through its paces through the working week, that extra special shiny designer pair will feel that little bit more pleasurable to wear.  

The Sports Pair 

This is the pair that gets overlooked the most. Many of us place a bit of sports here and there, nothing too serious, but usually with generous vigour. 
Many a time have we seen a patient come in-store on a wet Monday morning with a pair of glasses missing a side due to a ball (of varying sizes depending on the sport) to the face. 
A lovely prescription wrap-around with spring joints and hard coated shatter-proof lenses could do the trick. 

The All-Weather Pair 

This is more an outdoor pair as opposed to an everyday indoor pair.  
For those of us who suffer from sensitivity to light, a pair of glasses with transition lenses could be the answer. 
Transition lenses are begin clear, however they react with UV in sunlight when outdoors and change into sunglasses within seconds. They offer full UV protection and save the need for a separate pair of prescription sunglasses. 
For advice or further details on the best pair of glasses for yourself, please contact your local Eyecare Professional, or contact Lais Opticians on 020 8478 1631


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